Daifuku Wynright Products


  • Conveyor


    We offer various types of conveyors. Our lineups can flexibly accommodate the characteristics and installation requirements of customers' loads.

  • Sortation


    Several equipment options are available for your sortation needs. From low rate sort arms and pushers to medium rate belt sorters all the way up to high speed sliding shoe sorters, we have the right sorter for your specific application.

  • Automated Storage

    Automated Storage

    Daifuku offers a variety of stacker cranes to fit your specific load profile and weight, building dimensions, and operating environment. All systems feature high-quality drives for fast, smooth, and reliable performance.

  • AGV / AGC

    AGV / AGC

    Daifuku's Automated Guided Vehicle systems offer flexible and efficient movement of materials for a wide variety of factory and warehouse applications.

  • Structural Solutions

    Structural Solutions

    Work with our award winning design team to determine the best solution for your challenge. We provide a broad portfolio ranging from simple rack protection to custom engineered mezzanines, staircases, ladders, specialty carts, conveyor supports, work tables and other accessories.

  • Picking Solutions

    Picking Solutions

    Our picking solutions are designed to increase picking efficiency and picking accuracy. We offer voice and light directed solutions as well as our patented HYBRID solution which combines the benefits of both light and voice directed picking technologies.

  • Robotic Solutions

    Robotic Solutions

    We offers cutting-edge advances in robot and vision technology to provide substantial benefits in material handling and productivity.

  • Software Solutions

    Software Solutions

    To run your distribution or fulfillment facility at peak efficiency you need the most effective and productive informational tools. Every facet of your operation is a source of valuable information that, if harnessed, can optimize and measure productivity and provide valuable statistical data in real time.